About GIRO Donation

GIRO is a convenient, cashless mode of payment.

It is a great way to make regular contributions while staying hassle-free.

To help you better understand the GIRO payment method, here are some answers to commonly raised questions about donating via GIRO:

It is a cost-effective and efficient way of making monthly donations. It saves on bank/card handling charges and is time efficient for processing.

Complete this application form for Interbank Giro with your customer/account/bill number.

Send the form with your signature duly signed to us at:

Canossaville Children and Community Services
1 Sallim Road
Singapore 387621

(Attention: Communications Department)


  1. For account operated via thumbprint, please bring your NRIC/passport to your bank for the print to be taken and witnessed.
  2. Please keep the field for Donor’s Reference Number blank.

Yes, you can. State his/her name and address, and the donor reference on the GIRO form. Please obtain the signature/thumbprint of the person on the form if he/she is paying for you.

A deduction will only be made from your bank account on the 15th of each month. The amount deducted will be reflected in your bank statement and monthly bills.

We will terminate your GIRO if we are unable to make GIRO deductions after 2 consecutive attempts. Please note that some banks do charge a service fee for unsuccessful GIRO deduction due to insufficient funds.

Yes, you can. Call us at 67485777 or write in to info@cccs.org.sg to indicate your wish to terminate GIRO donations. Please give us at least 5 working days before the next deduction date. You should also inform your bank to stop the GIRO payment if applicable.

You should review all your GIRO arrangement periodically and terminate those arrangements that are no longer required with your bank.